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Label Dalbin at Centre Pompidou


From July 2nd 2014 to March 7th 2016 from 11:00 to 21:00
Centre Pompidou, Level 4, Room 27, Paris, France

Label Dalbin invites you to discover its visual music polyptych installation « Five Elements » shown in the new presentation of the contemporary collections of the Centre Pompidou, « Une histoire, art, architecture et design, des années 80 à aujourd'hui » curated by Christine Macel :

« A new presentation of the contemporary collections of the Centre Pompidou, "Une histoire", enables viewers to discover over 400 works in the Museum dating from the Eighties to the present day: a first-time opportunity to look back at the art of the last 30 years. With paintings, sculptures, installations, videos, films, drawings, photographs and architectural and design models, it offers a themed circuit through ultra-contemporary creation, with the works of nearly 180 artists and some 50 architects and designers from 55 countries. Some of the works presented only entered the collection recently, while many others are being exhibited for the first time. »

The installation « Five Elements » has originally been commisioned for the exhibition « D-Day, Design Today » at Centre Pompidou in 2005 curated by Valérie Guillaume. The work is part of the Centre Pompidou MNAM-CCI collection since 2006.

Five Elements, 2005
Visual Music Polyptych Installation
"Earth" by Pfadfinderei x Modeselektor ; "Water" by Jin ; "Fire" by Bowling Club x Remote ;
"Air" by François Chalet x Seelenluff ; "Ether" by Skolz_Kolgen
Video, 3600 x 576 pixels, 19’49”, color, Dolby Surround 5.1
Unique Work.

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Official Launch June 17th, 2014

Label Dalbin, the first app wholly devoted to present collaborations between visual artists and composers, makes an exclusive selection of videos available to users worldwide.

The application Label Dalbin can be downloaded free of charge. Once you’ve installed the app, you can navigate through a catalogue of original works to view excerpts, buy a permanent access to your video in full high-definition streaming.

You can watch and listen to these works on a tablet or smartphone, which can easily be hooked up to a large screen TV set or video projector connected to active loudspeakers.

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